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Working From Home and Home Offices

In the UK 10% of people now work from home all the time and 29% work from home some of the time. This means creating a work space in your home, that suits your style is becoming a priority for many.

Here are our top tips for home offices:

  • The most important thing – have a comfortable Chair!
  • Nature infused workspaces – Create a calm, tranquil space to work from with indoor plants, earthy tone colours, natural materials such as wood/stone.
  • Adaptable Furniture and Flexible workspaces –  modular furniture, adjustable chairs and collapsable storage units help achieve this.
  • Eco Friendliness – select energy efficient appliances, recycled materials and use sustainable practices.
  • Integrating Smart technology into your workspace
  • Sit to Stand Desks – think more about your mental and physical wellness
  • Great lighting is a must – Natural light, task lighting is important. Did you know natural light grows productivity?
  • Décor that sparks joy – Who wants to work in a drab, clinical room?
  • Make your home office welcoming – be stylish, full of your own personality to inspire you to do your best work.
  • Use Artwork, wallpapers and plants
  • Earthy Neutral Paint Colours – give you a calming, soothing environment to work in. Such as soft mushrooms and gentle blush tones.
  • Create a stylish focal point in your home office – interesting backdrops are a must for your video calls!


If you’re looking to create a home office, need some inspiration or not sure where to start why not explore our affordable Interior Design Packages.

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