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Benefits of Using an Interior Designer

There are many reasons people turn to an Interior Designer; They lack the time to do it themselves, don’t have the design expertise or they lack the confidence to do it.

Experienced Interior Designers have an eye for detail, insight on the latest design trends, and the experience to execute your dream home and they help you avoid costly mistakes.

Here are the top 10 reasons clients tell us why they turned to an Interior Designer:

  1. Help make firm decisions on paint colours so you don’t regret your decision and make costly mistake
  2. Help you choose Wallpapers & Fabrics that will work beautifully with the rest of your scheme.
  3. Design a Layout/Floorplan that works for you and make sure all the furniture you have or buy will fit the space!
  4. Recommend suppliers to use and sometimes able to pass on trade discounts.
  5. Suggest ideas or solutions that you would never have thought of yourself.
  6. Help you source quirky or one-off pieces that will elevate the overall design scheme.
  7. Experience to overcome and solve problems and deliver solutions.
  8. No more pouring over magazines, pin boards and design websites to try and visualize what your space would look like.
  9. Help you visualise the finished space with moodboards & 2D visuals.
  10. Bringing all your ideas to life in a cohesive design scheme.


As you can see there are many benefits to using an Interior Designer, that’s why at A Bit of Eyecandy we decided to make using an Interior Designer fun and affordable. Check out our online packages and let’s bring your ideas to life.

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